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Priorities? In my life? Ha! (Still noit even close)

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guess what i started reading and what i immediately started shipping

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CERBERUS. it’s basically impossible to not get a glare on this so you’ll just have to wait till it’s healed, but I think you get the point. Thanks Abigail (from Columbus?!?!) for getting this rad piece knocked out so swiftly! pumped lady! mike moses #spiritustattoo

Mike Moses

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Me: lol yes I’m gonna write small drabbles for these Grenby prompts

Me: *writes 2000+ words fics*



acecasinova ha risposto al tuo post “*Ava’s Demon fandom collectively blows up*”

Oh no

Oh y e s




But I’m not readyyyyyyyyyy


At least it’s just a cliffhanger and not anything too emotionally wrecking


my sketch pencil ran out of lead and i had to use my lineart pencil ugh it looks so gross and i haven’t slept

acecasinova ha risposto al tuo post “*Ava’s Demon fandom collectively blows up*”

Oh no

Oh y e s

ugh I just made 3 designs for the TWAU version Grendel’s mother but she always looks like a cross between a dragon and Preed from A.E. Titan

*Ava’s Demon fandom collectively blows up*


UPDATE || July 24th || 2014

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i am like, way into satan


I’m a big fan of Captainhanni’s work, and I must say that I’ve been wanting to draw their OC Belial for a really long time. ;w; Sorry I didn’t really do your character justice, Hanni. I hope you like it regardless


captainhanni's Belial and Reno and Demon+Girl.

Comparing the counterparts can be… Stressful.


I have no idea what to draw half the time so I figured I’d draw things that make me happy, like captainhanni’s cute couple~ Thanks for all the enjoyment from seeing these cuties on my dash :>