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Alpacas Against Assholes shirts

oof so fluffy & nice


i am terrible

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purple n silky




melodious; musical; tuneful; sweet sounding.

Etymology: Latin canōrus.

[Mike Azevedo - Sing For Me, Little Bird]

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every time this dude is on my dash….idk what to do

Ten crunches



The Wolf Among Us is 33% off today at the Humble Bundle store. Run, don’t walk!

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ahahah I found the 30 days otp challenges now I will flood the HiNaBN tag with corny CasFin drawings for 2 months

maybe going to do the same for Grenby once I’m done with those

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ericandy’s 30 Day OTP Challenge!


The rules are simple: draw one picture of your OTP a day, with the theme listed here! You can use any fandom you like!! Be sure to tag each entry with 30 Day OTP Challenge to make it easier to keep track of them!
Feel free to interpret the prompts any way you like! That’s what it’s about!

On the following days, draw your OTP:

  1. Holding hands
  2. Cuddling somewhere
  3. Gaming/watching a movie
  4. On a date
  5. Kissing
  6. Wearing eachothers’ clothes
  7. Cosplaying
  8. Shopping
  9. Hanging out with friends
  10. With animal ears
  11. Wearing kigurumis
  12. Making out
  13. Eating icecream
  14. Genderswapped
  15. In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
  16. During their morning ritual(s)
  17. Spooning
  18. Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex. Just remember to tag appropriately.)
  19. In formal wear
  20. Dancing
  21. Cooking/baking
  22. In battle, side-by-side
  23. Arguing
  24. Making up afterwards
  25. Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
  26. Getting married
  27. On one of their birthdays
  28. Doing something ridiculous
  29. Doing something sweet
  30. Doing something hot (once again, be sure to tag if you make it extremely NSFW!)

And there you go! Have fun.

30 days OTP challenge NSFW!!!version


  1. Cuddles (naked)
  2. Kiss (naked)
  3. First time
  4. Masturbation
  5. Blow job
  6. Clothed getting off
  7. Dressed/naked (half dressed)
  8. Skype sex
  9. Against the wall
  10. Doggy style
  11. Dom/sub
  12. Fingering
  13. Rimming
  14. 69
  15. Sweet and passionate
  16. In public place
  17. On the floor
  18. Morning lazy sex
  19. Outdoors, woods, parks, gardens
  20. Your own kink
  21. Shower sex
  22. On the desk
  23. Trying new position
  24. Shy
  25. With toys
  26. Boring sex
  27. Rough, biting, scratch
  28. Role playing
  29. With food
  30. Whatever pleases you

Probably will start from monday :P



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I saw a few people asking me this while sending prompts:

I’m always open to writing and drawing prompts and requests! Unless there’s in my description something like “NOT TAKING REQUESTS AT THE MOMENT”

(go dig the fandoms I tag, they’re the ones I’m  attached to the most)

This said, CaFin, Grenby and ToniMiro stuff is always welcome like bury me in requests, weird headcanons or random ramblings

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theyre actually fingerpuppets but “horn cozies” are like 100x cooler anyways


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